It is estimated one in three women will be sexually assaulted in their life. For rural women, the problems that accompany sexual assault are compounded.

They're isolated. Many don't have a vehicle or cell service. The nearest place for help is miles away; it may take hours. Often a family member or friend is the perpetrator, say experts.

Reporting sexual abuse in rural areas is a problem in itself. There is difficulty maintaining anonymity in a small town, not being able to access services, and not wanting to be part of the gossip mill.

These women and children are alone.

This is the story of those who dare to be heard.


This digital story looks at various aspects of what it's like to be a woman who has experienced sexual abuse in rural areas. It focuses specifically at Rural Hastings County.

The Documentary outlines the difficulties rural victims face through the voice of a victim as well as those who are involved in trying to break the circle of sexual abuse against women and children.

The Statistics page addresses the spike of reported sexual assaults in the Quinte area within the last year. It looks at what's going on and why there appear to be so many more victims.

Next, exerpts from interviews with experts shed some light on the role Family Relationships play in sexual assault. Many times a family is the perpetrator in sexual assault.

Finally there are Resources so people can access help.